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Is Africa Really Rich?

If you are a commoner like me, I'm very certain of your overfamiliarity with poverty. How poverty robs away your dignity and self worth as if you were destined for it.

In primary school through to college, we are made to understand that our continent, Africa, is a rich place. Blessed with so much resources than the entire of the rest of the world. We are a people of great might and strength.

Many years down the line, the story we have been told about ourselves conflicts with the reality of our situation today.

How can the richest continent be the poorest?
How can the rich man be the beggar?
How can the strong man be the weakest and feeblest?

Could it be that the stories we tell about ourselves are not true? NO! I don't think so. Long ago we discovered what our problems were - MENTAL SLAVERY, EXCESSIVE GREED...

Many years on, we still are faced with these same problems. Greedy 'bastards' who think that the wealth of the masses and the unborn generation belongs to their circle alone.

Absolute power they say corrupts!
Today, we are so greedy than our yesterday, and so corrupt than the inventors of corruption.

For how long are we gonna steal our wealth?
For how long are we gonna watch on and do nothing?
In fact, my country is a poor one.
I cannot call a nation with over 70 percent of its population who cannot feed themselves a 3 healthy square meal a day a rich country no matter the amount of natural resources we have.

I cannot call a nation with leaders who steal huge sums of monies from the citizens sweat a rich nation no matter how educated the leaders are.

I cannot call a nation which cannot provide the basic necessities of life for its people despite the enormous resources at its disposal to do so a rich nation.

We are not rich by what we have, we are rich by what we are. Our riches can only be measured by the quality of life we live.


We have impoverished our own selves.

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